Social Involvement

ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets AG has a long history of supporting charitable organisations in the Frankfurt area and further afield.

As a member of the society in which we conduct our business, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting charitable organisations. In so doing, we concentrate on initiatives that support the economically disadvantaged, health programmes, community assistance, programs for the fulfilment of basic human needs and the implementation of inclusive policies.

Hessischer Kreis e.V.

The Hessischer Kreis organizes lecture and discussion evenings on current issues relating to politics, business, society, science, religion and culture. The association, with its great diversity of topics and speakers, offers civil society leaders the opportunity to understand trends and developments outside their everyday sphere of influence and to include their gained knowledge in their decision-making. It is a place for the exchange of ideas, reflection and orientation. As a non-profit association, it contributes to the culture of discussion and the promotion of general education. The Hessischer Kreis with a co-hosting company invites guests to an evening of lectures. After the main speech, there is dedicated time for discussions with the speaker. This is followed by a „Get-Together“ to make contacts and continue the debate. The association is financed by annual donations from its guests, so-called "friends". The association can only carry out its work through hosted events from its circle of participating friends. The Board works on an honorary basis. Apart from the founding members and the Board there are no other club members.


Dialysekinder e.V.

The association Dialysekinder helps to ensure the best possible care for children with kidney disease. The association is involved in numerous campaigns and measures such as holiday stays, which would not be possible without ensuring dialysis treatment at the same time. The aim of the joint activities is to promote and develop the personal, school and later professional life opportunities of children and young people with chronic kidney disease in the best possible way.